5 Reasons We LOVE Recital Season…

Spring recitals are wrapping up, and we’re honestly sad to see them end! We love recital season, and wanted to share some of the benefits we see our students experience each time they get a chance to perform. So, without further ado, here’s five reasons we love recitals, and think you should too!

  • Performing provides students an opportunity to set and accomplish goals within a pre-determined timeframe. Even the most enthusiastic musician loses momentum sometimes, so an upcoming recital can be the perfect motivator to learn and perfect a favorite piece.
  • Recitals recognize progress and celebrate hard work. Knowing a song that felt too difficult last year is now performance ready feels empowering. It’s also a great reward for patient parents who supported their student from the very beginning.
  • Preparing for a recital and performing regularly teaches even the youngest students how to speak in front of an audience with confidence. Beyond studying music, public speaking is an important life skill—which is why we teach students to introduce their music, composer, and chosen word to describe what “music is….” before they perform.
  • Music lessons are a unique opportunity for individualized one-on-one instruction, which is why we work hard to pair each student with the perfect teacher. But music also brings people together, and a recital creates a community for students to support and encourage each other, as well as be inspired by their peers.

(We love seeing beginner students come back to lessons after a recital excited to learn so they can play “cooler” songs like some of our more advanced students!)

  • Lastly, recitals help us fulfill our mission to create more than musicians. We hope to provide an environment that inspires students to grow, gain confidence, and use their musical abilities to reach out to others in meaningful ways. Recitals prepare students to see outside themselves and perform for family members and friends, at community events, or in places of worship.

We know performing can sometimes feel scary at first, which is why we’ve changed the way we approach recital season. At Gwinnett Music, we are passionate about giving students multiple opportunities to perform in fun, safe, and uplifting environments—which means more parade performances, open mic nights, community events, and formal recitals that feel like an authentic celebration instead of something to just endure.

This year’s Spring Recitals were better than ever, and we’re so thankful to each of our students and their families for helping us recognize all our aspiring musicians. We can’t wait to see more performances this summer as we move from recital season to parade-and-summer-holiday time! Hope to see (or hear,) you soon…

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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